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Lot of excellent machines and spares for pulp & paper industry

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Condition: Used
Location: Europe


1. Excellent and fully complete lab paper machine incl. two very modern shoe presses. The machine is a large-scale pilot plant that simulates industrial production of paper. In standard configuration there are a twin wire former and a fourdrinier former that can be run simultaneously or separate. There are possibilities to add a second twin wire former. The press section consists of a roll nip followed by two shoe nips. The paper is the winded with a dry content of roughly 40 to 50% and dried of-line. One of the main features are the closed long circulation. Fiber material is re-cycled using a disc filter provided by Voith giving the pilot plant a much more realistic dynamic and paper chemicals and additives can be evaluated in an accurate way. All short- and long circulation volumes have been minimized to be able to reach equilibrium as fast as possible. The paper machine was built 1982 by KMV and was updated and rebuilt 1987, in 1996 the press section was totally re-built with two new shoe press nips. A new felt loop for one of the shoe nips was installed 2000

2. Goebel Rewinder from year 2020. In operation very short time. Max width unwind 1600mm. Max diameter unwind 1250mm. 76 and 152 core. Max rewind diameter 1000mm. 76 and 152 cores out. Can cut with high accuracy down to 8mm. 50 over and under knives. Max speed 800 m/min. Siemens control system.

3. Nicely Rewinder from year 2018 with turret rewind system. Max width unwind 1600mm. Max diameter unwind 1500mm. 76, 152 and 300 core. Max rewind diameter 800 mm. 50, 76 and 152 cores out. Can cut with high accuracy down to 20mm. 35 over and under knives. Max speed 500 m/min. Siemens control system.

4. Line for manufacturing of paper sleeves for tree seedlings (Multipro type). (very short in operation) Mostly for pine and fir plants. Dimension sleeves 68mm, length finished sleeve 150 – 300mm, paper quality 200 - 350 GSM. Top opening 20, 22 and 24mm. Roll width unrolling 100mm. Roll dia unwinding max.1250mm. Sleeve unrolling 150mm. Capacity 20 sleeves per minute. Can be test run.

5. Winder/rewinder of useful width till 2500mm mother rolls width, max. winding diameter is 1.500mm diam. Immediate delivery is possible. For installation of this winder all mechanical parts are included and ready for delivery except base plates (drawings to arranged by us) and except connection cablings from electrical cabinet to control desk, can be quoted separately if requested. The winder is complete and in very good shape. Photos and Video on request.

6. Winder/rewinder module for paper rolls till 2.550mm, but it is missing to finish it for pope reel rolls or rewinded rolls, number of slitters and so on. Can be completed as it is storaged at the workshop. If interested please let us know which paper you want to produce..? It is a great opportunity to get it customized and according to your technical demands before delivery.

7. Voith Delta 25 laboratory tester

8. Voith Fourdrinier paper machine incl. stock prep + auxiliaries. Trim width 3880mm. Top Former, newsprint paper, 40-65 g/m2, from 100% recycled fibers (also a Light fluting). Speed 1000 m/min., capacity 90.000 TPY. Rebuilds by Valmet on 2002, 1990, Voith on 1999 and 1988.

9. De-Inking line. Production capacity is 250 TPD, but achieving up to 300 TPD. Manufacturer is Voith, year was 1997. Complete De-Inking Line. Fully erected at same mill as above 3880mm PM.

10. 6.1m trim width, built 1992 (rebuilt 2004), speed 1280 m/min., annual capacity 375.000 t/a. with shoe press & film press/speed sizer.

11. 3.8m trim width, rebuild 1988, speed 762 m/min., annual capacity 185.000 t. Concept III Headbox. Top wire former.

12. Wet lap machine available. High-Pressure Model with 5 Nips. Type of pulp is Bleached Hardwood Kraft (BHK). Wood Species 50% Maple, 25% Birch, 5% Oak, 20% Others. production 630 - 700 bdst/d (Turndown to mi. 315 bdst/d). Freeness 510 - 580 ml CSF. Basis Weight 2500 – 3000 GSM Dry Weight. Temperature 120 - 140 °F [49 – 60 °C]. pH-value 8.0-10.0. Feed Consistency 2.8 – 4.0 % b.d. Discharge Consistency 44 – 48 % b.d. Sheet Width at Cutter 4191mm. Bale Size on Cutter (5 Bales). Width (CMD): 838.2mm. Length (MD) 876.3mm. Height 726.6 mm, unpressed. 660.4 mm, pressed. Emergency bypass operation only 1651mm, unpressed. Bale Weight approx. 455kg. Bales per stack 2 – 3. Stack Size: Width 876.3mm. Length 838.2mm. Height 1981.2mm. Stack Weight approx. 1365 kg. Stacks per Unit 2 – 3. Stack Size Width 876.3mm. Length 1981.2mm. Height 1676.4 – 2514.6mm. Discharge Consistency 630 700 Production (bdst/d). 48 47 @ 130 °F [54 °C] <8 pH. 45 44 @ 130°F [54 °C] <10 pH.

13. Completely overhauled Valmet DWA-729 TwinRoll Press from year 1990. Cons in 2-5%, cons out 33%. Max working temp. 90 C. In good condition & in operation only max one year after overhauling. Immediate delivery is possible. Hydraulic unit is missing, but this is a very simple and cheap construction to supply.

14. ABB Switch gear typ in ABB HPA 10kv very late version. All ABB equipment is complete to European standards an IEC. Main buss bars is located in the back part of the cabinet. Every switchegear delivered from ABB has been FAT Factory acceptence tested. This Switchgear will be delivered with Complete original documentation from ABB. Immediate delivery is possible.

15. 2 pcs complete rolls Valmet DWA-719 TwinRoll Press.

16. 2 pcs spare naked rolls for Valmet DPA-915 TwinRoll Press.

17. 1 pc Coarse screen DKC 80, with hole basked 8/10mm

18. 1 pc Valmet T-25B Mixer for Oxygen (Refurbished)

19. 1 pc K80 C De-Knotter with rotating hole basket.

20. 1 pc Bird De-Knotter. Installed an 10mm basked (Original). Brand new and never installed.

21. 1 pc T25 B chemical mixers. Overhauled and brand new available, SS 2343

22. 1 pc POB 762/915 Impeller agitator overhauled 254 SMO

23. 1 pc PTC 45 thick stock pump

24. 1 pc DOA 60 agitator

25. 1 pc brand new spare basked KFA 50. ID No. 35642 310 T16/12%. Outside 502mm. Inside 492mm. Hole size 10mm. Flange 20mm

26. Hydraulic Motors (Renovated):
- 2 pcs Viking MK 44 with 4710 cc
- 1 pc Viking MK 43 with same deplacement as above
- 1 pc Viking MK 64 deplacement 11080
- 2 pcs Viking MK 63 deplacement 11080
- 2 pcs Viking MK 44 with deplacement 9240
- 9 pcs Viking series MK 40 and 60
- 3 pcs Marathon MB 400 (2 pcs have only been in operation 1 year)
- 4 pcs Marathon MA 200
- 1 pc Marathon MA 566


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